Hubski has millions of users - they join en mass from facebook, because they are hipsters and hiding from mainstream people - home feed and tags are flooded with pictures of dead cats and natzism.

I don't want to spend my life blocking a million users, but I trust b_b user or whatever, they have some block lists I can subscribe to

>> "Nemesis List" - List of usernames I can see

>> "People with shocking spelling/ Grammar List" - has 105 mystery users

>> "Natzis/ Racist List" - unspecified number of users

I subscribe to them all, and sit back, relax; and have an ever updating democratic filter I don't need to update.

And actually I set up one list, since I know that my work can easily impact more users than just myself

This way people can join hubski, be themselves, you can easily filter users within your communities/circles

It's true that it could lead to circle-jerking common ideologies, but people should be free to do what they want


People can make their own lists and share them, hopefully privately. I don't want the site to support such behavior, however.

posted by pushka: 1374 days ago