The reason I'm asking this is because I'm going into the 12th grade of high school this year. This is will be my 5th year of high school. Some backstory, I've been failing my classes since 6th grade. Every year of high school I've had to do summer school, and I've had to do the 10th grade twice. I've seriously considered dropping out. Some of my friends have already dropped out and my dad really wants me to drop out and work for him full time. I already work for him (construction), but not during the school year very much. The problem with this is that if I drop out my mom will kick me out and I'll live with my dad for a little bit. My moms house is a much, much, safer environment. Most likely I will not be dropping out. The question is, how did you do good in high school. I know it's really easy, everyone says this, but I've never actually done good in school before. Just some pointers for someone who wants to take his last year in high school very seriously? My gpa is far below a 2 right now so I don't think I'll be going to college anytime soon.


About 20 minutes after you graduate, you're going to give zero fucks about high school. Don't drop out. You'll regret that in a couple years. You can't even go flip burgers any more without a diploma or GED. Anyway, you seem to be leaning in that direction, but you need to commit before the school year starts.

I can't really help you with doing good in high school. I was one of the kids that was bored to tears because the material is basically all the same every year. My best advice is to take notes and study. I've had to start doing that in college or I find myself falling behind very quickly. Don't worry about if someone starts messing with you for trying hard. You'll see them digging ditches in 15 years, if you ever see them again at all. Like War said, ask for help if you need it. Be friends with the nerdy kids, be kind to your teachers. Show them that you're putting forth your best effort and they will help you. If, for whatever reason, your teacher is a dickbag, head down to the head office and ask for some tutoring. Someone will help you. People are there to help you to succeed, but you have to seek them out. Good luck, man.

posted by PetesPassing: 1466 days ago