The strip's return promises to reunite readers with Opus, Bill the Cat and other characters that were previously seen just in Breathed's two Sunday-only strips, Outland (1989-1995) and Opus (2003-2008). They're likely to have plenty to talk about: Bloom County, whose small-town characters often found absurdity in America's cultural and political life, returns as the country heads into a new presidential election season.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Reading old Bloom County anthologies was a big part of my childhood, but I'm not sure if I really trust the strip to keep going at this point.


Be open to change, keifermiller. The strip will be the same, but different. If BB feels strongly that it's comeback time, he's feeling the flow of his art. I look forward to the maturity of Opus, and the possible rehab exploits of Bill the Cat. I want to find out what, if anything, happened to Milo's field.

Thanks for letting us know about the return of Bloom County.

Perhaps it's time I actually get on the Book of Face; so far, I may be one of few not-yet-old-codgers who has embraced technology while successfully avoiding selling my ID (Facebook) or my soul (the cost of an Oople iFone).

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