Recently, some community tags have been used to insult the author of the post.

Community tags are intended to improve the site by enabling the community to add another dimension to a post, often as a discussion on the post has evolved. Sometimes the tag is used by veterans of the site to add a tag that the author might not have been aware of.

Regardless of the motivation, using the community tag for insults does not improve Hubski.

If this remains a common occurrence, we will have to modify community tagging so that it doesn't detract from the site. One obvious approach is to deanonymize community tagging, so that users can see who left the most recent tag.

Currently, you need to earn one hubwheel before you can add community tags. It was our intent that this give the user some time to get acclimated to site and its culture. Hopefully, we won't have to adjust this, but IMO it might be too optimistic of an approach.



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posted by mk: 1442 days ago