Silent Shield

  Overhead in a plane I silently kept the door-kicker safe.
  Let these rough men willing to visit harm on evil-doers do their thing.
  That’s not me. I’ve got mine. Specialization of labor and all that.

  And I was specialized. Honed to perfection.
  Not a single American died while I worked overhead.
          	I never mentioned that out loud.
  Must avoid the jinx. Always.
  Keep the gremlins out of the engines.
  Keep the plane in the sky.
  Knock on wood. Americans alive.

  But I was done killing and helping to kill.
  I’m not a door kicker. Never saw their faces.
  That’s not the dream I have.

  But I was done killing and helping to kill.
  A just war doesn’t make killing easy.
  And ours was hardly just.

  Now I’m sure some doors go un-kicked,
  And I’m guilty of killing yet still.

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