Comic-con is pretty cool this year, but I still don't know how to feel about this movie...I'm honestly very nervous for this one. How do you feel about how DC is sort of trying to combat Marvel's commanding lead with the superhero genre?


DC is supposed to be the bright, cheery, optimistic comic company and Marvel is supposed to be the grounded, realistic company devoted to grown men running around in colored long johns. Not in the movies though since Warner put all the chips on Zack Snyder. The success of the Dark Knight movies is DC's reason for being unable to make a good movie. Batman can easily exist on his own in a film that takes itself pretty seriously. That doesn't mean you can add other underpants perverts to that formula and get the same results. Marvel is fully aware of how silly the whole thing is and that's why they make good, fun popcorn movies and Warner think desaturating the color palette is visual artistry.

posted by War: 1285 days ago