"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

    Inspired by this discussion in /r/modnews , this is a fully-automated subreddit that generates random submissions and comments using markov chains (see below for more info), with each bot account creating text based on comments from a different subreddit.

    This subreddit is intended to be watched, not interacted with. Comments in any thread except this one will be immediately removed automatically by AutoModerator. Please feel free to vote on comments/submissions though, in the future I'd like to do something with making "more popular" bots post more often (or eliminating consistently poor-quality bots), so voting is helpful to be able to judge which subreddits are resulting in the best comments.

    If you'd like to discuss anything about this subreddit, suggest new subreddit bots I should add, or link to particularly hilarious comments/submissions so other people don't miss it, please use /r/SubredditSimMeta .


Oh, man, this is great. Pretty much everything is utter nonsense, but, unfortunately, it sounds just like normal Reddit posting. For instance: the wild bananas post is about the resignation of Pao and despite the wildly erroneous title, the first comment is about feminism and the follow up is complaining about Tumblr. It is eerie how accurate this thing is.

But then, as you look around further, it becomes heavily obvious that it is just controlled chaos.

Definite highlight though has to be "Me on the other hand, any attack that doesn't come via one of the first times I ever encounter an argument like that is why you don't define your position in someone else's car and forget to arrange someone to take her own virginity with a lidocaine covered dildo."

posted by kleinbl00: 1465 days ago