To frame my question: I'm someone who enjoys bingeing content. I will tear through books and television series once they've grabbed my attention. Having just migrated to Hubski, I was glad to see #goodlongread as a tag, as it provided me what were essentially alien viewpoints on a lot of issues in a format that almost challenged me to pay attention and understand the message the source was trying to send.

And i love that! So many of my recent reads have been filled with breakdowns of institutions from insiders, interesting takes on policy and challenges to the implicit cultural frame I've built up as a twenty-something American. And I love that I've been able to learn so much in these past few weeks that I wouldn't otherwise have seen. But what about those stories you'd find on documentaries? What of your CitizenFours and Bowling for Columbines? And, granted, there's a lot out there that I've never been exposed to. The point is, I want to, though. And just as #goodlongread has challenged me to sit down, shut up, and learn something, I think I could do the same for television, movies, and investigative reporting given the proper motivation.

So, Hubski: Does anyone have recommendations for good, long watches, and are there enough of them out there to make a new tag work?


I think #goodlongwatch is a great idea for a tag. Along these lines, there was a thread by magicjespa a few days ago about recommendations for documentaries which didn't get so much attention

and might be a good place to start finding some documentaries recommended by Hubskiers.

posted by Caspus: 1385 days ago