First of all, I'm really loving the site and the community so far! This is one of the first times in a long while that I actually feel like making contributions to a site despite being a lurker at heart.

Overall the site works really well, but there are a few things I've discovered while looking around.


- When going to a feed and clicking one of the hubwheels to show posts with a specific number of shares, any tags and websites (and presumably users) that I have filtered out still show up in the in the feed.

Dark style:

- I haven't seen anyone else mention this, so it might just be me, but I find the dark blue colour of followed tags/users (#1256be) to be relatively difficult to read against the dark background. Is there any chance it could be changed to something brighter (such as the regular link colour in the dark style, #75a7c4)?

- This might not matter that much since new users will be using the default style, but if you go through the tutorial using the dark style, the popups are white with light grey text, making them quite difficult to read.

Mobile site:

- Using Chrome on my Nexus 5, the URL bar doesn't auto-hide as it is supposed to when I scroll down the page. It's not something that causes any issues with usability, so it's just a minor nuisance. I think it might be because my phone's resolution is 1080x1920, so .topmain keeps its 'position: fixed' attribute and tricks Chrome into thinking that the page isn't scrolling. I haven't had a chance to check if that theory is true though, and I completely understand if a fix for this changes the intended functionality on too many non-smartphone devices.

- #colorbox boxes on the /user pages (such as the one that pops up when I want to look at what tags I follow) becomes about twice as wide as the rest of the site. The same popup boxes work as intended on /tags though, so I don't have any idea of what the problem might be right now.

mk, insomniasexx


Thank you borkbork. We really appreciate all this feedback. It helps, and it will be duly added to our inbox.

Welcome aboard!

posted by borkbork: 1446 days ago