I liked reddit because I liked conversation, but before reddit I was a social media manager for a lot of brands. I got in the habit of digesting and posting about A LOT of articles.

Hubski seems a little sparse, and I'm focusing on posting articles that I find value in, but is there some kind of etiquette in terms of how much we should be posting?

I don't want to inundate people.


Look at it this way: I see a lot of content in the course of a day. I share almost none of it because I assume that most people have plenty of sources of content. If Hubski were my sole source of news I'd have a severely skewed sense of the world.

Sometimes, however, I see several articles that I specifically think people on here would like to see, or are likely to generate interesting discussion among people I know would like to see it. I'm not always right, but I share things specifically to get the take of people whose opinions and backgrounds I value.

There have been times when there were five or six things I wanted people to see all at once. I shared them. There have been months when I haven't seen anything I wanted to share. One thing I don't do is play submission bingo, where I launch a million things just to see what sticks. When a full share is only 8 points, and when there are no downvotes, there's absolutely no reason to absolutely inundate my followers with things that I'm not keenly interested in hearing their take on.

Ultimately, however, it isn't up to you... it's up to the people who follow you or follow the tags you're choosing to utilize. If you share fifteen things about architecture, and I filter architecture, I won't see any of them in my feed. If you share fifteen things about architecture and label them #midcentury, #rococo, #postmodern, #ranch-style, #colonial and #condo, I'm going to filter you right quick because you're clogging global for me. Since I do follow architecture, I'm likely to go through and re-tag all of your posts to make things useful for the rest of us who follow architecture and then they can all make their own choices.

posted by amouseinmyhouse: 1259 days ago