It seems like a neat device. I'm a little more inclined to like AR over VR, the idea of putting on a VR headset and walking around just scares me. My gameroom is on the second floor and my stairs aren't carpeted... I guess it'll all come down to what games will be available.


Why is Microsoft so ademant about keeping all of the processing on the device?

It seems like everything would be a lot better if it ran off of a computer via WiFi. There would be more processing power to take control of, because the hardware wouldn't be limited to something that can be worn on the user's head; which could solve the FoV problem, depending on what's limiting it. The whole thing would weigh less and be a lot less clunky, too. It might do more than the Google Glass, but the extra stuff shouldn't take up too much more space.

After all, most networks could support it. There wouldn't be a bandwidth issue, considering the fact that most routers are pushing 100 Mbps now. Running it through the network should only put a few ms delay on the device, but how much would that affect anything? Plus,people could still walk around in their homes. The HoloLense isn't being marketed as something that people would take out in public, nor would anyone take a (probably) $1,000 device somewhere it would get broken (and it would be pretty useless, anyways).

posted by amouseinmyhouse: 1290 days ago