Found the problem.

    Wilcox opens the TaskRabbit app on his phone and tries to confirm a gig for the next day. But he hesitates, not sure if he has the skills required to install a new doorknob, and asks the table for advice. Macrae and Delaney have immediate answers. Anyone can do it; it’s easy; just don’t bash it in too hard. Delaney talks about Allen keys. Macrae makes a diagram with his fingers. Just like that, a new skill is gained.

So we're talking about the guys lined up outside the Home Depot, except since they're hip young millennials, gentrified hip young millennials are willing to pay them $50 an hour to install a doorknob.

Locksmiths cost $50 an hour.

I had friends that were paid ridiculous amounts of money to do stupid shit back in '99. That all ended in 2000. Those who cannot recall the past...

posted by insomniasexx: 1531 days ago