I don't have anything in particular I want to push as a topic. I just want to hear opinions (from believers only!) and to share our experiences.

For about the past ten years or so I used to get frequent and vivid deja vu. This isn't your regular deja vu, either. First, it would pop in my dream, and feel like deja vu. It would be a whole experience And then, it would happen in real life, exactly how I remembered it from the dream -- even peoples' actions etc. I have heard a few explanations for this -- mostly a dysfunction in memory. But that doesn't really explain the precognitive aspect of it.

Anyway, my metaphysical explanation for this phenomena is that since our consciousness is nonlocal/nonlinear then it is our brain picking up on a future "possible" reality. I think it has happened a lot less lately because I am entering "unknown" (novel) territory which I can't access or shouldn't know.


Berkeleyian idealism is interesting. Basically that all of the world as we know it exists in our minds. That there is nothing outside of the mental realm. The idea that trees and rocks and stuff exist is an illusion.

Or you have Kantian idealism which essentially says the same thing that we only know things through our sense and that the "actual" real world is far different from the way our sense experience it. Maybe your experiences come from some ability to access the "real" real world.

If I'm off on my descriptions of these philosophies someone please jump in and inform me.

posted by thesummerking: 1420 days ago