Alright. I've been trying to put a start to this for several days. I've already written a big essay - as big as they'd get, I suppose - on language, but I couldn't finish it in one sitting. I'm going to finish it tomorrow, but a few knowledgeable people have told to start if I want to start. So, there it goes.

* * *

Metaphoria is intended to be my personal ongoing collection of essays on various topics that cross my mind and are important enough for me to express my thoughts on. You don't have to take part or even read the thing, but if you decide to join me, I would appreciate a debate if the topic so deserves.

I started Metaphoria after a few tries in blogging which were not successful: I had two of the personal blogs on WordPress and a Metaphoria off-spring on /r/metaphoria which still contains a few essays, not all of which I'm proud.

I don't mean to force a topic every time period - I don't feel like I can when it comes to things important to me - so the essays are going to go out in random intervals. They're going to be short most of the time - I was inspired by Evan Puschak's Nerdwriter vlog where the videos are most of time less than seven minutes long.

And let that be it. New essay coming out tomorrow, and then... who knows.

P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to have those stars centered?


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