Today we are making two quick updates, both suggested by new users.

A number of you, like goo, have lamented that it is difficult to follow tags while on mobile. Previously, to follow or filter a tag, you needed to navigate to a post that carried that tag. Now you can follow or filter a tag from your feed:

It's not perfect, but it is definitely an improvement. insomniasexx and I are in the midst of a CSS spring cleaning at the moment, so more tweaks like this are likely to follow soon.

kainjow recently suggested that RSS include feeds for tags as well. We have now added them.

Check out the RSS page for all the feed options.

Here is the feed for #blog.hubski:

In other news, thanks to thundara and CashewGuy, we have a new IRC channel:

#hubski @

A permament link has now been added to the TMI page.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


On a related note, thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. We are doing our best to keep track of all of them.

Speaking for myself, if I fail to respond or get back to you regarding something we discussed, ping me again in a few days. I am doing my best not to let anything fall through the cracks, but as I mentioned to kleinbl00, I feel a bit like I am getting water from a firehose with a styrofoam cup.

posted 1828 days ago