Nine theories of the multiverse promise everything and more. But if reality is so vast and varied, where do we fit in?


I hate to be that guy, but can someone give a TL;DR? I know this website encourages lengthy discussion, and I want to take part in that. I'm just not good with all the armchair theoretical physics stuff. I've read before that all the Schrodinger explanations that involve the cat being both alive and dead are bogus--that he even constructed the thought experiment to discredit those interpretations of quantum mechanics. Also, I've read that the multiverse theory itself--that there are an infinite number of universes, etc.--are also misunderstandings of the actual math behind quantum mechanics. Can someone with a degree weigh in here?

Slight aside, if I add some hashtags here like #quantumphysics #physics #math does that help the search functionality? I don't see people adding hashtags in individual posts. I could see how some posts might drop in quality if it was just a string of tags. How does this work? I'm new to hubski.

posted by Mindwolf: 1471 days ago