If you're Greek, today you have a difficult decision to make. Will you vote yes, to accept another bailout package (and the attendant austerity measures)? Or will you vote no, and accept jeopardizing your EU membership and throwing your economy into chaos in return for your nation's sovereignty and the end of austerity?

And if you're not Greek, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the situation. How would you vote, if you could? Do you think Greece should continue to receive bailout funds? Are you worried about the effects of a Grexit on the global economy? Let's chat about all that here.


I really have not been following this story much at all - anything in the news involving economics just makes me want to take a nap - so could someone more well-versed in it than I explain what effects Greece pulling out could have, both domestically and globally?

Thanks. :)

posted by Ezana: 1416 days ago