I am looking for teachers on Hubski!

Specifically, I am looking for people to center a discussion around that focuses on teaching, identifying web-based teaching resources, and sharing teaching experiences from day-to-day.

A little about me. I teach middle school (6-8) emotional / behavioral disability students in a low-income school. So, you know, all content areas, hence the search for resources. As a recent reddit transplant I hope to make the #teaching tag a respected tag in this community, and to bring a meaningful discussion and sharing of resources to teachers.

So, are you teacher? What grades? What subjects?

Thanks Hubski!

Edited to add additional tag option ( #K-12)? What do you think?


I teach electrical engineering and computer science at university level. I'm a recent Reddit convert myself, and I'm always interested in good conversation about teaching.

posted by mytpepaccount: 1295 days ago