I reflect on the annual alternative media coverage of the Bilderberg meeting and ask whether the people who participate in this ritualistic behaviour really care about the subject matter. I consider whether the group’s gradual unveiling over the last 20 years is a deliberate process, and what this says about them. In this episode I also briefly look back at Alex Jones’ film Endgame as an example of tabloid reportage on the Bilderberg Group.


Nice final sentences (around 15-16 minute mark). Pretty sure not many people give a fuck, also because there is close to zero media coverage. At least in Germany there was none. This year's meeting was held in Austria, right after G7 took place. Even though attendees and topics are made somewhat public, the general purpose of this sort of meetings is beyond my knowledge/understanding. Money is probably a topic throughout the years. World-peace not so much (IMHO).

Apart from all the NWO/Illuminati (and other) conspiracy theories, I find one fact rather strange: How is it reasoned for that state-police, funded by taxes, are used to secure big parts of those private meetings, held in private facilities, attended by people on privacy?

Great Podcast you got there. I will definitely come back and check out more of yours.

Edit: This is one of the few articles I found while BB15 happened. Not much else, though.

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