An Internet insurrection is taking place on Reddit, where moderators have shut down many of the social sharing site's most popular sections in an apparent protest over the dismissal of Victoria Taylor.

    Taylor was a key figure in Reddit's extremely popular r/IAmA (Ask Me Anything) section, which brought in celebrities of all stripes — from actors to musicians and even President Obama — to answer questions submitted from the vast community. Taylor's role was often organizer, mediator and even transcriber for many of the AMAs.


#ohmygodwhocares might have become my new favorite tag even if it's never used again.

Don't really care for all this Reddit drama. Especially since I (and everyone else except Reddit's admins and Taylor herself) am ignorant of the actual details.

Great for this site, though, if new users can be gained from Reddit's problems. As always, I hope the new users are quality.

posted by thenewgreen: 1473 days ago