Currently rated 93/100 on steam, and for good reason.

I've been playing this game with friends for about a week, and it's seriously a lot of fun. You join, choose a name and a hat, and are placed on a battlefield with a ton of weapons and tools you can use to annihilate your enemies in ridiculous ways.

Overall the game feels refreshingly polished. It's got a singleplayer arcade mode, but the meat of the game is in split-screen and online multiplayer. I highly suggest using a controller.

Here's a list of some wonderful things you can do in Duck Game:

- Shoot a net out of a net launcher to capture an enemy, pick them up, and throw them off the level into the endless void.

- Throw a sword at supersonic speed across a level to decapitate an unsuspecting duck.

- Rev up a chainsaw, slide on the ground, and "chainsaw surf" - the chainsaw pulls you along the ground, turning you into an extremely mobile feathered killing machine.

- Catch a grenade midair and toss it back.

- Use a remote control to maneuver a grocery cart containing dynamite straight into your enemies.

- Become a bird of prey by picking up both a jet pack and a minigun.

The game is just unadulterated mayhem, and it's fun as all hell. I highly recommend it.

posted by Float: 1387 days ago