This guy thinks he's writing a script for a TV show, probably because this story could be made for TV. It reads well though.

insomniasexx, here's a home run for ya. [which hey reminds me, how's your bro doing in the minors?]


Finally made my way back to this post because I have about 100 notifications.

This was an exceptional read!

It sucks that one person can have two drastically different sides to them. He seems to have been a good person to everyone on the trail and genuinely made some people's lives better. It's hard to reconcile that with all the fraud and possible murder.

I still wonder why he took the money. If I had to guess, I would say he was looking for something more and thought money could provide that for him. When it didn't, he kept looking on the trail.

Or he just wanted to not have any responsibilities anymore and having a large cash reserve helps with that.

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