Malalai of Maiwand There once was a woman, a hero of theirs,

  Whose beauty was unmatched by any.
  She was brave and she fought as good as the men,
  And died inspiring plenty.

  But the time has come back where her name is around,
  Inspiring men who would tremble,
  That if in Maiwand you’re not martyred,
  Then God has not faltered,
  But let you live to serve as shame’s symbol.

  This is the Pashto commitment to live,
  To kill in the name of the dead.
  To kill in the name of the living as well.
  To kill as the thought runs their head.

  The way of their land has for so long since been,
  This way that there’s little to do.
  Ask Kipling to tell where your dagger should lie,
  When their women are coming for you.

  Maiwand’s Malalai, Hero of War
  Inspire your land once again,
  Kill the fathers, the sons, the mothers, the girls,
  Of all that would threaten your land.


I like this poem way better than the one about the Nazis.

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