Notice: Post is sloppy. My writing style is "dumping my brain".

I have noticed for the past few years, young adults have been too dramatic over the tiniest shit; such as choosing a box of cereal these days is racist against other cereals (Sorry I prefer cocoa puffs over cocoa pebbles because it doesn't taste like Hershey syrup). During the Holidays in my parents' time, when you greet someone its "Merry Christmas" and they would reply "Happy Hanukkah." Then they smile and go about their day. These days its "Merry Christmas? Well fuck you too!" I find this sad to say, but over the years reading articles about building confidence, how to ignore 'haters' and be happy with you are, instead a lot people over react, exposing how the little things affect them shows how weak they are. I have seen an online fight over who is prettier and it gotten into an actual physical fight. Not only people are being 'pussies', but they constantly assume actions are based on things like religion, race, personal style, and occupation. Here's a rule many people had said to me "You don't have to say anything." Then why do people bother to say the most bat-crazy, insignificant shit? Ugh tired of dumping my brain. -__-

Any bat-crazy shit you heard that drove you nuts?


I, too, have had to tell those damn kids to get off of my lawn.

But I think that persuasive communication has yielded to disruptive communication.

posted by dark_matter: 1419 days ago