I Could Have Had a Nazi

  I wish I could have had a Nazi.
  Clear and present danger to the civilized world.
  An embodiment of evil in a state-sponsored uniform.
  An honest and necessary fight.
  To fight in the open.
  And to fear the capability of an enemy,
  Who doesn’t just get lucky.
  Who doesn’t run and hide behind women and children.

  Instead I got the Taliban.
  They fight in bedsheets and sandals,
  Behind children as shields.
  For I-Don’t-Know-What.

  I’m not saying we shouldn’t have gone.
  I just wish that they were Nazis.


This poem has a lot of truth to it as people don't really like the unknown. When facing an enemy, they want an enemy that is concrete as possible. The last thing people want is an enemy with no shape to it. One doesn't know how to prepare when you don't know who your enemy is.

posted by user-inactivated: 1426 days ago