It's important to kill your heroes. And, sometimes, you have to kill your father. Kill him so you can love him, and his flaws, better than one can love a hollow archetype.

Again, I express to you my general side-eye of items from Vice magazine (especially their "investigative journalism"), but there are occasional items I find I enjoy.

I like to believe that I see my father for who he is: a hard-headed, occasionally cheap for the sake of being cheap, intelligent man who loves to learn, and also likes to play the fool to stir the pot.

Of course, I can never really see the entire complexity that is my father, no more than I can see the entire complexity of any person, but I still admire him and respect him despite of his flaws.


Hmm. I wonder how long it will be before we find out he plagiarized that too?

posted 1704 days ago