I've been wondering if it was possible to use Hubski as a personal or company blog? Would that be frowned upon?

I don't want to maintain my own blogging solution, and with the help of tags and the comment feature, I could easily write up my thoughts here, and then link the blog itself to other websites.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your responses! I am glad to see that high quality personal blogs are welcome. I should've been more clear about a company blog, but I was thinking about using Hubski as a space to post technical content from a company, something like http://code.facebook.com/ or similar.


I don't agree with the other comments here and don't really see much of a distinction between personal and company blogs, especially these days. Personal blogs can hawk bullshit and try to sell me things all day, and company blogs can be exceptionally insightful and interesting to read, even to those outside the 'target demo'. (ie: signal vs noise)

Blogs just have such a wide range of uses today. I'm transferring blog posts right now to a new site that are like 4 lines long. It's like "Look. I got chickens." The next week: "Happy stuff about the chickens growing up. :)" The next week: "Sad stuff about the chickens. :(" It's ridiculous, and the reason that twitter was invented (I GET IT NOW!)

Hubski's policy on your own content is here:

I would say that, use Hubski as you think it should be used and post what you think is valuable and can spur valuable discussions. Company, not-company, personal, not personal, that matters less.

I will say, personally, I would probably ignore you or the tags you are using if you post an excess amount of four-line "blogs" about your chicken, or lack thereof, or if you post an excessive amount of personal or corporate posts that I don't find valuable, or try to sell me anything.

posted by ll: 1389 days ago