I think I filled out an SF85 or 86 once. I was 17 so I didn't exactly have much to declare, but now I wonder what can be out there. On the other hand, I haven't received any notification, so maybe it was actually a completely different thing I did.

Is anyone affected by this? Noticed any bad results so far?

For reference, here's the SF86:

It contains various ID numbers; citizenship status; residence history; employment history including reason for leaving and any reprimand or discipline; military history including disciplinary proceedings; details of your contacts/relatives/spouse including the deceased and in-laws; how often you talk to them and via what media; how your marriage ended; contact with foreign nationals; benefits from foreign countries; foreign financial interests and property, foreign employment/business, foreign travel, a lot of the same 'foreign' stuff again but now pertaining to your immediate relatives; psychological and emotional health; police record ("For this section report information regardless of whether the record in your case has been sealed, expunged, or otherwise stricken..."), and including arrests/charges/summons/citations; drug use, including what illegal drugs you have used, when, whether you intend to continue, and why or why not, and whether you have been to rehab; alcohol use; financial record, including bankruptcy, gambling problems, credit card terms of use violations, delinquency, debt, lien, default, eviction, garnishment (so now we get to know all about how you didn't pay child support); details of any computer crimes you may have committed (there is a section specifically for confessing your unauthorized access of a computer system, and so on); civil court history; and details of your association with some organizations that the government considers dangerous or subversive.

So as we can see here, there's a lot of information in this form alone that you may not want others to know. I've heard reports that people who never even worked for the government have been notified that their data was leaked. All they did is apply.

After the form, there are personal interviews and polygraph tests, where you are asked things like whether you've ever engaged in bestiality, the results of which were also compromised.

Does the government really care about your sexual preferences? Not so much. But you might care whether others know about it, so when you get into a sensitive position and a foreign spy finds out about your escapades, now they can 'persuade' you to help them out with a little bit of information so they don't let slip... And this is what the government is worried about now.

posted by ccc: 1301 days ago