I've always heard about how high snapchat is valued and I never understood why. This article makes me rethink my misunderstanding of snapchats valuation.


The standard messaging app will be the one that allows cellular and wi-fi multi-partner MMS with read receipts across Android and iOS ecosystems. All it would take is for Google and Apple to have a beer, hammer out a standard and crush all competition without so much as hiring a coder.

Some perspective on Snapchat: They claim 100m active users. Twitter claims 300m active users. Translated: 90% of internet-connected people have never used Twitter. An "active user" by the way is anyone who hasn't deleted their account.

I count as seven users, by the way, and I think I've tweeted a dozen times.

So snapchat? Yeahnotsomuch.

posted by user-inactivated: 1520 days ago