"Are you the supervisor of the guy who... well, we was parked... see... we parked our truck too close to the tracks and yur guy hit our truck with the train?"

That's the phone call I just got.

What's the funniest, saddest, strangest "Oops! Wrong number" story you've got? Maybe you received the call, maybe you made the call - Please share!


What!? "yur guy hit our truck with the train"? Yeah buddy, good luck getting the train company to pay for that one!

My funniest wrong number story: When I first moved to Norway some 7 years ago a lady called from Denmark trying to reach her son in Tromsø. I couldn't speak much Norwegian, but she just kept talking. I tried all the simple things I could say, I had just moved from the US, the weather was nice, I worked in mathematics, etc. Found out her name was Elsi.

A couple of weeks later she called again. We laughed about the wrong number and chatted a little bit more. She seemed delighted just to talk.

A few days later she rang again. "Hei! Det er Elsi!" she said. "Hvordan er været?!" (How's the weather?!) No pretense of a wrong number now! This dear old lady just wanted to talk. She became a phone friend for a while, calling me at random times and talking slowly so I could understand, but I really couldn't speak many words and I guess it was too demanding so after a while she stopped.

Oh Elsi, where are you today? We could discuss so many things now!

posted by steve: 1366 days ago