Moore: We had to kind of fight for "Family." [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry hated it. He wanted to throw it out. My only story meeting with Gene was that episode. It was me and Michael and Rick Berman, who was running the production side of things, we all met in Gene's office and Gene just said "this isn't the 24th century." "These brothers reflect outdated, 20th-Century modes of childhood development. Mankind had solved these kind of issues by then. I hate this." I sat there and I was a really green writer. I was like, "Oh my God, what are we going to do? I'm dead." We walked out in the hall and I just looked at Michael and Rick and was like, "What do I do now?" They said, "You know what? Just go write your story, we'll work with Gene." That was the last I ever heard of it. So they went off behind the scenes and did something and got him to back off or let it go or kind of distracted him with something else, because then we did the show.

Worthy of note: Ron Moore is the guy who turned Battlestar Galactica from a semi-forgotten piece of kitsch into one of the most beloved series in sci fi history. I kind of love hearing that Gene Roddenberry didn't know shit about character development...

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