It's been a while, and I'm sorry it's the same day as #pubski, but I was stopped in my tracks by a delicious Proust quote:

    Pleasure […] is like photography. What we take, in the presence of the beloved object, is merely a negative film; we develop it later, when we are at home, and have once again found at our disposal that inner darkroom, the entrance to which is barred to us so long as we are with other people.

I wish I had the original French, mais ce n'est pas possible.

I read the quote in The Year of Reading Proust by Phyllis Rose. This is the second book I am reading about reading Proust. I enjoyed the first one very much, more than this one. Reading Proust himself might happen eventually.

I like this quote because I love solitude and don't spend enough time in my inner darkroom. I've been somewhat obsessed with solitude since ages. In graduate school I wrote a paper called, "Solitude vs Society in the Works of Dickenson and Thoreau." Weirdly, in my earliest teenage journals, I wrote this: "I want a man who will leave me alone."

Meanwhile, OftenBen flagamuffin wasoxygen and @everyoneelse@ - no more shoutouts but follow the tag!


    I wish I had the original French, mais ce n'est pas possible.

Dans l'Internet, tout est possible.

    Pour le plaisir, je ne le connus naturellement qu'un peu plus tard, quand, rentré à l'hôtel, resté seul, je fus redevenu moi-même. Il en est des plaisirs comme des photographies. Ce qu'on prend en présence de l'être aimé n'est qu'un cliché négatif, on le développe plus tard, une fois chez soi, quand on a retrouvé à sa disposition cette chambre noire intérieure dont l'entrée est « condamnée » tant qu'on voit du monde.

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