One of the journalists who wrote the story, Tom Harper, gave an interview to CNN which is quite incredible to watch. Harper just keeps repeating that he doesn't know what's actually true, and that he was just saying what the government told him -- more or less admitting that his role here was not as a reporter, but as a propagandist or a stenographer.


Yep, these should reference one another, you beat me to it by about 10 minutes, rrrrr:

This sums up the current state of mainstream journalism perfectly:

    But, to Thomas Harper, if you question his report, you should be asking the government about it, not him. That's not his job.

In the climate of 24-hour media coverage (TM) we have prioritized quantity so high above quality that every shitty story is treated like a golden egg. As long as the teleprompters have some words on them, right?

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