From over revealing movie trailers, Sony hacks, and people digging deep into downloadable content (such as the recent Super Smash Bros leaks prior to the Nintendo Direct), it seems that there is no safe way to read up on your favorite and anticipated mediums without spoilers galore. I'm well aware that this is nothing new and that I'm ranting but I'm just frustrated.


On the one hand, I can definitely understand why people get upset about spoilers. Because I want to avoid on raining on other people's parades, I'm always careful to not spoil anything myself.

That said though, I'm personally not bothered by them. They don't make me more or less excited for to see or read something. I enjoy things not just for the content, but also the concepts behind them. So when someone says "Oh my God! I can't believe the ending to Super Space Western IV: The Fading Stars! That scene where Lonestar 7 came back online blew me away!" I don't really think anything about it one way or another. I'll still enjoy the event for what it is.

However, the one caveat is if there's a plot twist or a mystery involved. If you spoil that, well, I hate you and I don't want to be your friend anymore.

posted by MCHammerBro: 1284 days ago