I'm well aware I'm a corner case, but whenever I post a Hubski link inline, it's like a coupon in the middle of your cash register receipt. It blows shit all up. I really like the functionality, though, I just think the design could be handled better.


1) If there's only one link in the post, and the text is less than, say, 10 lines, include the text.

2) If there's more than one link in the post, or if the post has more than ten lines of text, include something like "go to post" .

I suspect those two rules are a dimension harder than one rule, in which case I'd go with (2) only. Big long text posts can't really be included aesthetically.


Yeah, this happens to me too. When the link turns in to a proper, small little card with a bit of a teaser, it's ideal. When it's a "coupon," ...not so much.

insomniasexx, can you throw this on our Monday night agenda.... with the rest of the laundry list :)

posted by kleinbl00: 1381 days ago