The title might seem like I'm trying to say bad of this website but I'm really not, I'm just trying to find any good concept. You see like many people I found this website from Reddit and I came here not because I wanna use the freedom of expression to say taboo things (like many other did) but because I actually like to take part at meaningful discussions in topics like philosophy, thinking, art and science. And while in theory that would be a really good way that I found this website, I just don't see any of the good concept. All I find is one reddit-hubski difference circlejerk where people just say why they prefer this website than Reddit or just talking about hubski in general but I don't find any of the concept that make it worth it, So could you give me some help, when it comes to the interests I said above. Because when I search for philosophy in this website I find pretty Mich nothing than dead threads with 3 or 4 replays. Whike in reddit there are good communities such as /r/philosopy full of new concept and actual debates of an active community. While here all I see is a circlejerk, so what's the point? So where is all the good concept and ideas you talked about? Keep in mind that I'm not trying to attack anyone but skeptically looking at the whole webaite . Thank you!


This site moves REALLY slowly. There's not millions of users like on reddit. It's not unusual for people to see and comment on several day old content.

And the breadth of content is certainly lacking as well, this is due to a user-centric focus, which means the people who find content they like here are going to simply add to 'the problem' of not having breadth.

If there's not many philosophy posts, that means the current users don't particularly post about philosophy that often. Perhaps you can kickstart that?

Follow some good users that you like, and see what they share. It's a different model than reddit.

Do keep in mind that there's lots of redditors coming over at the moment, which means a lot of the discussion is going to be about how hubski is different. It should clear up in a few days. I personally find that most of the content here is long-form articles, about a variety of "real-world" topics.

If you want a "subreddit for everything' kind of place, you've really stumbled into the wrong part of the internet. It'll get there.... eventually.

posted by unique_username: 1441 days ago