I am a huge fan of Mark Z. Danielewski, he is a writer from NYC most known for the novel House of Leaves, he has also written The Fifty Year Sword, Only Revolutions, and Part 1 of The Familiar which is to be a 27 part novel about a girl who finds a cat. Anyway aside from being a good writer MZD is most notably know for his unusual page layouts. While this might seem pretentious and unnecessary I believe that it adds an extra layer to his novels. The layouts are not randomly thrown together they are carefully constructed to follow and enhance what is occurring in the novel.

House of Leaves: The layout falls apart in tune with the characters life

Only Revolutions: The same story is told by two people on the same page

The Fifty Year Sword: Personally havent read it. Yet.

The Familiar: Just bought part one, currently reading it.

I find MZD's style to be completely engrossing and his layouts add another layer of narrative to his work. Anybody know any authors who do anything similar?


Awesome post. I've been wanting to read house of leaves, is it any good?

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