I'm among the many who started looking for Reddit alternatives upon the announcement yesterday (I apologize for how much it keeps coming up), and had initially dismissed Hubski because at a high level, it looked like what was called "long-form Twitter". I was looking at the time for a direct replacement for my previous platform, rather than a true alternative.

When I had mentioned as such, a poster more wise than I came back with great counter-points to my dismissive stance, and I decided to give it a try. I've been researching a little bit about what Hubski is, how it works, its goals, and its interface, and I just wanted to say:

Thank you for putting so much thought into this tremendous platform. Its design is so simple and elegant, and reading some of the posts by the administrators highlights just how much thought has been put into each design decision. It's a great example of how less can be more, and how you can focus on the most effective portions of design, rather than a lot of needless features "just 'cause".

So thank you, Hubski team, for creating and maintaining Hubski. I'm ready to call this home.


I agree. I have been looking for outlets for a few weeks. This looks so promising! And, I have this weird desire to contribute and not just lurk!

posted by Vox_R: 1437 days ago