1. Did you know that we have a newsletter? Sign up here and check out the past 42 newsletters here.

2. Did you know that we've been making Hubski podcasts/videocasts for years? They revolve around a central topic and we interview the community and throw it together in a kick-ass amalgam. See them here

3. Did you know that sounds_sound hates the steam clock that I'm looking at right now while eating fish and chips and drinking my white ale? He hates the thing.

4. Did you know that I had to "save draft" on this post because as I was writing number 3 sounds_sound walked in to the restaurant I was having lunch at with his friend Mike. Seriously, out of all the places in Vancouver, they came to this place. -That's some serious serendipity. Also, s_s's friend Mike needs to be a hubskier. Very cool guy.

5. Did you know that we have a Hubski meet up tonight at Black Frog in Vancouver? at 6:30 pm and that sounds_sound, forwardslash and myself will be there? Anyone is welcome! Stickers for everyone!

6. Did you know that we have a RANDOM BUTTON at the bottom of the page. It's fun. Try it.

7. Did you know that we started Hubski 1649 days ago?

8. Did you know that when you put a link to a post or comment on Hubski it leaves a card Don't believe me? Check out number 7 above.

9. Did you know that lil is one of my favorite people I've met via Hubski?

10. Did you know that kleinbl00 is one of my favorite people I've never met in person?

11. Did you know that I've collaborated on music projects with T-Dog, ghostoffuffle, BLOB_CASTLE, rezzeJ, humanodon, coffeesp00ns, randomuser, galen and kleinbl00, and others via the #hubskicollaborativemusicclub but I've never met them in person?

12. Did you know that your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second!

13. Did you know that StJohn wrote Radium Baby and we read it for the #hubskibookclub?

14. Did you know that we have a Primer Page that we created to help answer the questions of newbies?

15. Did you know that we are glad you found us?

16. Do you realize that everyone you know, some day will die?

17. Did you know that to create a Hubski account we ask for your social security number, a valid photo ID and your DOB?

18 Did you know that number 17 was a lie?

19. Did you know that the Hubski team consists of mk, thenewgreen, insomniasexx and forwardslash?

20. Did you know that if you would like some Hubski stickers you can PM insomniasexx?

21. Did you know that the shirt I'm wearing in the photo below was designed by veen and that there are other t-shirts and Hubski swag here

ENJOY HUBSKI! Glad you found us newbies! Oldies -glad to have you helping us during this influx. We love you. Our community will come out from beyond this stronger than ever!

Have a great day Hubski!


22. Did you know that I am currently listening to Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years on a stereo system from the 1970s? The musical selection is probably appropriate for Team Hubski today.

Was wondering if there would be a new one of these today.

posted by thenewgreen: 1528 days ago