Hello, I just registered.

Just wanted to say hi :)

Hope to have a nice conversations with all of you! :)



you should check out #tellhubksi, #didyouknow for some good info on site functionality, as well as checking out the Hubski Primer

My personal advice, which was given to me by other people when I washed up a while back, is to follow mostly #tags, and then follow a few people who you find have consistently good content in those tags. It's the easiest way to ensure quality content showing up on your feed all day.

We have #pubski on Wednesdays, which is sort of just a site-wide "get together and talk about what's new in our lives", as well as #grubski which is a food competition, the hubski new music club, and a movie club. We're currently in the process of trying to bring back #tagoftheweek, in which the post including the tag of the week that gets the most feedback gets to decide the next tag of the week.

posted by Gogolian: 1411 days ago