randomuser and I watched Pain & Gain on Netflix the other night and were surprised to find out it was a true story.

Today, I was looking for another article I've read about The Lost Man that ButterflyEffect just posted and stumbled upon this article saved in my Evernote from Oct. 2013.

Read the article, enjoy it, and if you need a high-intensity, ridiculously fun movie, I strongly recommend Pain & Gain. Fucking Mark v, The Rock, Tony Shalhoub, murder, failure, drugs, russian chicks. It's so ridiculous and hysterical.


Thanks for the shoutout, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I don't know how you handled a 2+ hour film starring Marky Mark and The Rock, directed by Michael Bay. That sounds like a trainwreck of quick cuts, cheesy dialogue, and scantily clad people.

posted by insomniasexx: 1320 days ago