I'm so incredibly proud of my state right now!


You're from Nebraska? That's cool. I spent 3 months there in the fall last year. Omaha, and a tiny southwestern panhandle town called Kimball. I really love the vibe of Nebraska. Definitely a conservative bastion of American tradition, but still very independent and self-determined — not a state to fall in line with how it's done everywhere else. I think it's unicameral legislature is a fascinating study in alternative governance. I tend to believe that our federal level bicameral legislature is less a reflection of the people's will and more an unnecessary brake on lawmaking and debate. But that's a pretty wildly untested hypothesis considering that every state has a bicameral body as well, save Nebraska. I learned that Nebraska did away with the upper body of state congress during World War II to save money, found it to their liking, and kept it.

posted 1659 days ago