Today we are adding a new dimension to posts. You can now label a post as an event with a specific date.

We have plans for how we want to expand upon event posts (including getting notifications for ones that you save), but thought it best to introduce them in their simplest form, and then to be guided in their development by your use and feedback.

To see all events, simply click upon ‘event’ in any event post. By clicking upon the date of a specific event, you can see that event, and all events scheduled to come after it.

Like community tagging, you must have earned one badge to give away before being able to create events. If you can create an event, you'll see a 'create event' link in the upper right of the submission fields.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


Interesting. How will an upwheeled post behave over time? Say I make an event for a week from now, and I hubvote it now, will it resurface in the hours before / after the event date and time?

On a more general note, I appreciate the open experimentation. It does make hubski more and more complex - something to keep in the back of your mind.

posted 1862 days ago