0. Did you know that insomniasexx will send ANY OF YOU stickers? Doesn't matter if you are new to the site or have been around forever. PM her!

1. Did you know that we have been quietly adding new features left and right of late?

2. Did you know that we have a laundry list of improvements yet to come?

3. Did you know that forwardslash is busy developing "search" for Hubski and that soon we'll be asking for people to help us test it out?

4. Did you know that a Hubski API is coming this year? --it's been a long time coming.

5. Did you know that we now have "Cards" that will display a teaser for internal Hubski links? See:

6. Did you know that videos embed and that the first tape I bought with my own money was License to Ill

7. Did you know that _refugee_ is a published poet and recently self published a physical book which I've very much enjoyed?

8. Did you know that Personal Content is Not a Sin?

9. Did you know that there is a welcome post for newbies to sign? Did you know that you old-timers should sign it too?

10. Did you know that the Social Aggregator is a terrible business model?

11. "Did you know that lil is the most positive, encouraging, and helpful person on Hubski.? -Bar none. Without exception. Magnificent, lovely, intelligent, giving and capable, lil is there for us all. lil is kindness personified.

12. Did you know that eightbitsamurai is a damn fine writer?

13. Did you know that ghostoffuffle has a beautiful voice?

14. Did you know that according to humanodon, "Western haiku is like General Tso's Chicken"

15. Did you know that now I really want to eat General Tso's Chicken for lunch, WHILE writing a haiku?

16. Did you know that mike bought a viking camp and that while visiting it, mk, steve and Mike all took turns throwing axes at a bulls-eye? It happened. It's awesome:

17. Did you know that steve and I make podcasts/videos with content provided by the Hubski community? Check them out here:

18. Did you know I'm working on one about #drugs? -Did you know you can make a tag a link?

19. Did you know that minimum_wage has a heart of gold?. -Seriously, my favorite answer in the post.

20. Did you know that Josh made a Hubski Enhancement Suite 844 days ago?

21. Did you know that we have to pay the Carl Sagan estate $365 a year to use this as our first post?

22. Did you know that #21 was a lie?

23. Did you know that mk and I were interviewed by NPR's Michigan Radio?

24. Did you know that I'm late for an appointment. Gotta run....

25. One last thing, Did you know I'll be in Vancouver in a few weeks and that we will have a Hubski meet up there? More to come!

Have a great day everyone!


Cards just killed it. Small thing I never knew I wanted. Y'all make a lot of little changes and I think only 50 percent of them work (state of tags still questionable in my opinion) but it doesn't really matter because the feedback level is so high. I think of something new every time I use the site (just now was "default reply box size should be way bigger").

Wish I was going to Vancouver. Never got across the border when I was in Seattle last.

posted by thenewgreen: 1332 days ago