The other day we were discussing the new user experience, and two ideas came out of that discussion that we are now testing out:

1. A Welcome post is stickied in every new user's feed.

This is that post:

Feel free to sign in post facto.

The reasoning behind the Welcome post is simple. New users typically need some guidance, and a welcome post is a good way for us to introduce them to Hubski. Also, if one user poses a common question, subsequent users can benefit from the answer in the same place.

2. Everyone follows badged content by default.

Starting today, badged posts appear in your feed, and badged comments in your chatter by default.

Of course, no one should have to follow badged content, and you can choose not to by toggling 'follow badged content' off in your settings.

Our reasoning behind following badges is thus: Badges are intended to highlight the best content, therefore, it makes sense that everyone can more easily see it. Also, giving badges more visibility makes them more potent. Finally, new users don't follow anything by default, and the badge feed is likely to provide some of the best content to get them started.

As always, we appreciate any and all feedback.


I should mention that as always, filtering takes precedence in the feeds. Thus, if you filter a user, tag or domain on a badged post, it won't show up in your feed.

posted 1873 days ago