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I made this tonight. It's not awesome, but it's not shit either. With your help, it could be better.....

Add to it! Who is up first?


Vacant home

  There's nothing left
  Beneath that dress
  The sinners and the soldiers
  Look the same to me these days

  Look in my face
  Look in my eyes
  The first to look away
  Holds something I don't need to

  Know you to love you anymore
  To know you is to know I don't know
  Anything about love

  Look in those homes
  That line our roads
  The strangers waiving coded signals
  I don't care to read

  Just hold your breath
  And raise your feet
  We pass the cemetary 
  Full of corpses I don't

  Know you or love you anymore
  Cause to know you is to know I don't know
  Anything about this life

  It's hard to separate who I want to be
  From the man that shows up half in the bag
  When cutting corners I just count to three
  And never see the bruises that I leave

  To know you is to love you best
  There's nothing left beneath that dress this is a vacant home


This one really captured me tng. I like to hear these things as a story that the narrator is telling me about a life. Sometimes that narrator is struggling to find the words or tunes to tell his story, so he unwraps the song one line at a time

and this narrator is discovering that he doesn't know anything about love and doesn't know anything about life... the cemetary is looming up. And the story -- the story is how this narrator is realizing that the house is empty and there's not even anyone in the dress... maybe he just got dumped... and is seeing the bruises for the first time...

or maybe not...

I'd like you to compose the sound track for my one-person show. i.e. 7-10 minute bits, interspersed with songs like this one ...

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