Holy shit this still pisses me off.

The last half of the article is garbage. I don't care about your dreams for the future if you can't explain the physical mechanism behind the measured thrust. And sure, you can say "who cares how it works if it works?", but the answer is "am_Unition".

The only reason I'm posting this is because of the links within the article, specifically to the forum discussion.


Seems to me that there's an aspect of hopelash to this. ( _refugee_ ) There's a fear that failures on the part of overambitious or untested individuals/research groups will reflect poorly on the future of space exploration as a whole, which I'm assuming leads to fears about funding cuts.

Anybody have an idea on how to better educate large groups of people on the scientific process? About how the whole thing is incremental, expected to have setbacks? Because I'm drawing a blank. (I'm also a poor teacher)

posted by am_Unition: 1514 days ago