I can't agree more. The rest of the firstworld pities us. They also take advantage.

I've been working on contract at a plant here in Louisiana. I'm not technically with the company and I've been working here TWO YEARS. I make good money but zero benefits, 401k etc. 40 hours a year paid vacation. That's it. I'm breaking my back for these people with nothing to show for it. Find another plant you say? They're all going contract. It's more economically viable. For every $10 I make the contract company makes $50 saving this multibillion dollar corporation God knows how much in health insurance and everything else I should be getting if I had this same job fifteen years ago. It's all a fucking scam and people like me take it because it's the only decent living to be had without a degree.

This is THE CHEMICAL COMPANY and while their own countrymen would revolt at these bullshit conditions we here in the Land of Opportunity beg for the privilege because our own worker's rights were trampled long ago.

Sorry for the rant. We had a big peppy meeting with the whitecollars this morning spoonfeeding their HOORAY FOR TEAM BULLSHIT and I almost threw up in anguish. It reminds me of that line in Scarface.

    You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked.

posted by b_b: 1458 days ago