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This weekend b_b and his lovely wife visited us. We saw a hockey game and had a lot to drink. b_b's wife is a musician and we recorded this together. I woke up the next morning forgetting we had done this. Yep, it was that kind of night. Last thing I remember, b_b was on my couch in my studio playing stairway to heaven with one eye barely open.

Missus b_b is playing an iPad app's Melotron and I am playing a melodica and some poorly played drums. Still, there's a base here that could produce something interesting.

Anyone want to add to it? Who is up first?



So here's how I went with it, the timing was a little wonky so i changed up the beat a little bit, locked to grid, extended and added some stuff. I tend to go weird directions with things sometimes and I hadn't picked up my guitar in a while so my tapping is a little sloppy. Hopefully you're into weird shit lol.


Also I'm sick so my hearing is a little off and the mix may or may not be well balanced.

posted by thenewgreen: 1375 days ago