I completely forgot about the Grubski challenge, but thankfully thenewgreen pointed it out to me. Let's vote between:

...insomniasexx and randomuser's grilled Tri Trip Steak Sliders...

...thenewgreen's burger...

...zebra2's garlic and majoram steak...

...or tacocat's Beef Bacon Beer & Cheese Soup.

Anyone can vote!


My vote goes to zebra2 because when looking at his plate, it makes me want to get some crusty bread and sop up the drippings. Looks tasty!

tacocat's sounds awesome, but they didn't take any pics.

Whoever the winner is, let's get this thing rolling again! Grubski is one of my favorite things on Hubski, it really inspires me to cook.

posted by veen: 1439 days ago